Recoup Med

Recoup Med is a company that specializes in “Retrospective Revenue Recovery”.

With more than 10 years’ experience in this arena, our efforts have resulted in millions of collected dollars in lost or hidden insurance reimbursement.

Healthcare delivery continues to rapidly evolve and unyielding in terms of uninsured patients, technological and administrative costs. Consequently, shortages of insurance revenue, skilled workers, high employee turnover, and a deluge of new and pending laws, endless guidelines and paperwork overwhelm healthcare organizations.

Recoup Med offers precious resources by analyzing managed care contracts and comparing closed accounts with our proprietary software, CLOAK2 TECHNOLOGY brings efficiency to auditing discount abuse for hospitals and managed care groups.

An acronym by its developers, CLOAK2, or Computerized Logistic and Organizational Algorithmic Klaims Kalculator is a software system suite essential to ReCoupMeds successful service. CLOAK2 systematically m

erges data elements, explaining erroneous payer discounts, and other non-compliance logic. By specializing in commercial insurance products, we can accurately adjust your real reimbursement levels and simultaneously improve the health of your payer mix.

What makes us unique and separate from auditing companies?

Recoup Med focuses on specific plan documents and exceptions that are typically disregarded or otherwise cost prohibited to others. Regardless of the previously reviewed data, we adjust your payor accounts turning underpayments, bundling edits, and wrongful denials into new revenue. Payors understand that few organizations have the staff, time, or information systems required to routinely check whether the information submitted with the payment matches what the patient presented at the time of service.

Recoup Med retrospectively reviews data that has been previously reviewed or deemed ineligible and closed. By refining the recovery process we are successful in collecting erroneous discounts that were oversights.

Business Value

  • Stop - Silent PPO Discounting
  • Insurance Cycle Management (ICM)
  • Recover Your Hidden Insurance Profits
  • Boost Cash Flow
  • Late Penalties and Interest Adjustments
  • RISK FREE, NO Obligation

There are no hidden fees, expensive consulting costs, steep software to buy, no upfront monies or investments accepted. Insurance payments always and promptly reprocessed to you directly.